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  • A Calm Day in Mombasa City, Africa

    On the windy south-east expanse of Mombasa Island, lay an old town with flaky white walls and ancient window sills. It lay brooding and distant like a solitary man looking at the vast sea in contemplation, and its inmates spent their lives with a cool calm flair, as if they lived inside its brain. MizuContinue reading “A Calm Day in Mombasa City, Africa”

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Mizu City is a fictional blog that takes you around the world to explore hidden, unseen, and known but misunderstood cities. Follow the journey of a Japanese character named Mizu who has left Tokyo for a life full of food, art, research, literature, history, and exploration.


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The Vision

For city enthusiasts to interact with each other, so that they can discover urban spaces that are concrete, divine, full of horror and joy. If you recall Mizu in the delights, dangers, sorrows and great findings that are true to the urban experience, we’d be happy.

All stories are researched, illustrated/ edited, and written by Andrea Rodrigues. For queries, reach out via email.

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