The Beginning

Farewell Tokyo!

Mizu stood by the peculiar love-hotel and looked up at its two signs, “shukuhaku” and “kyukei” which meant stay and rest. She had received none of the two. This 2000 yen-per-hour hotel was her makeshift service apartment for a…

Story of the Month

Mizu Visits the City on Fog Hill

The bus circled the route to the interior and the passengers were pushed along to the far left of their seats. A white wind escaped into the window and all was clouded before their eyes. The air tipped…

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Mizu City is a fictional blog that takes you around the world to explore hidden, unseen, and known but misunderstood cities. Follow the journey of a Japanese character named Mizu who has left Tokyo for a life full of food, art, research, literature, history, and exploration.


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A creation by

Andrea Rodrigues
  • Clue to the Next City:
A coastal city on desert lands

The Vision

For city enthusiasts to interact with each other, so that they can discover urban spaces that are concrete, divine, full of horror and joy. If you recall Mizu in the delights, dangers, sorrows and great findings that are true to the urban experience, we’d be happy.

All stories are researched, illustrated/ edited, and written by Andrea Rodrigues. For queries, reach out via email.

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