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Civilians Write About World Cities

These are contributions by the civilians of Mizu City and their retelling of Mizu’s adventures around town. This series of publications will include insights on various cities and their cultures.

Mizu Goes Meta and Visits Cities in Video Games

by Khushi Mundhwa With the world moving into the metaverse, Mizu thought of visiting a video game store in Seoul to purchase games with urban simulation. Video games had always been a form of vicarious travel for Mizu. She hadContinue reading “Mizu Goes Meta and Visits Cities in Video Games”

The City of Tokyo in Poetry

by Lakshmi Kalarikkal The city of Tokyo is structured like a poem, soaring mountains flow into deep valleys, while babbling streams undercut the sounds of trains. A unique beat hums across the metropolis. This rhythm has made the Tokyo in poetry truly lyrical. Some of the poetry that brings me home is transcribed below. TokyoContinue reading “The City of Tokyo in Poetry”

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