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Hi. I'm Andrea Rodrigues, a solitary person who enjoys the company of animated cities.

After writing about urban spaces for some years, I created Mizu City to share my thoughts on the subject.  Selecting the places to visit in each tale involves a process of multimedia research. The writing of the story, however, comes naturally to me and for reasons unknown. I am only aware that I was meant to write the story of Mizu who, in many ways, is like me and emerged from the joy of Japanese literature and urban exploration. 

A city to me is a structure that traps, frees, suppresses, and determines how life will move forward. Living in a city is like being stuck in a Nintendo game; the only problem is the urban planner won’t pass the damn controller. Architecture to me is not progress, but a decider of what progress will look like. Parks are not spaces of leisure, but restrictive and manipulative structures. 

I created Mizu City to break the surface level pretension. I made it for the select few who wish to really explore places for their substance and essence. Plain old drab modernity has often given travellers the same experience no matter where they go. Imagine visiting Seattle, Oslo, and Lisbon only to try their coffees in their cutesy cafes. Coffee is good, but how about the Hom Bao from Seattle, the Rakfisk from Oslo, or the charming petisco and wine from Lisbon?

If this sounds like something you’ll enjoy, head over to the homepage and visit any fictional city you like. For insights on real cities, take a look at some articles written by the MIZU CITY team.


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